Out of the Box Team Building Activities

By: Kelli Cathelyn

Team building is a great way to strengthen, energize and help your team become more effective.  Break out of your traditional rut and try some new activities! These creative ideas are sure to get your team inspired and ready to take on new challenges together. Here are some bakingfresh ideas:

Team Cupcake Wars– A spin-off from the popular Food Network show, each team is given a basket along with a recipe and additional ingredients they must add to their mix. The team members must work together to bake and frost enough cupcakes for everyone in the office, plus three designated judges. The judges will then rule which team concocted the best cupcakes and the winners take home a prize.

ipad Scavenger hunts– Each team is provided with an ipad or tablet and given challenges they must complete using their tablet. The tasks can range from finding items, taking pictures to solving clues. The team with the most points at the end wins the challenge. This scavenger hunt can be completed indoors or outdoors. It is a great way to incorporate technology into your team building efforts. It can also be educational for any members that have never used a tablet before.

Rocket Launch– This mentally stimulating activity can make your team feel like a kid again. Each team will be given a rocket kit. Once time starts they will have to work together to assemble and design the rocket. After time has ended everyone will gather outside and each team will be allowed to launch their rocket. You can make this a competitive challenge by awarding the team whose rocket flies highest.

Mural Challenge– This colorful challenge allows each team to work on a piece of a mural. The pieces are outlined to indicate what colors should go where.  After each team has finished coloring their section everyone comes together and puts the completed mural together. The finished piece can either be displayed in your office or given to a local charity. This activity is more about collaboration rather than competition.

Mini Golf Challenge– This unique activity doubles as both a great team builder and a charity event. Each team is given an assortment of canned and boxed food items. They are also provided with some other construction elements and are assigned to build a mini golf course hole. A thirty minute time limit is given to build your hole. Once the time is up each team designates the golfer, who will play the different holes and the competition begins. The team with the golfer who has the lowest points wins. The food items that were used will then be collected and given to a local food bank.

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“I feel the music in my soul”… Lady Tambourine on New Orleans

By Max Suzenaar

I recently participated in PCMA’s inaugural “Independent Planner Think Tank” in New Orleans. Designed as a forum for meeting planning firms, conversations focused on the business of Lady Tambourinemeetings with nary a word spoken about tactics or logistics. The strategic level of the conversation was inspiring – as was the passion and energy with which this group of entrepreneurs shared insights, challenges, and solutions. So it was only fitting that we met in a city that abounds in passion for food, music and individuality. I was especially taken by “Lady Tambourine”, whose talent for bringing music to life took the form of gyrating hips, trancelike rhythms, and hypnotic performance that pulled you into her personal vortex of passion. While there was no gyrating happening in the meeting room, the passion expressed was still comparable to Lady Tambourine’s. Taking creative license with her mantra, “I feel the meeting in my soul” perhaps is après pro for this group of professionals navigating in the new normal of meetings.