“I feel the music in my soul”… Lady Tambourine on New Orleans

By Max Suzenaar

I recently participated in PCMA’s inaugural “Independent Planner Think Tank” in New Orleans. Designed as a forum for meeting planning firms, conversations focused on the business of Lady Tambourinemeetings with nary a word spoken about tactics or logistics. The strategic level of the conversation was inspiring – as was the passion and energy with which this group of entrepreneurs shared insights, challenges, and solutions. So it was only fitting that we met in a city that abounds in passion for food, music and individuality. I was especially taken by “Lady Tambourine”, whose talent for bringing music to life took the form of gyrating hips, trancelike rhythms, and hypnotic performance that pulled you into her personal vortex of passion. While there was no gyrating happening in the meeting room, the passion expressed was still comparable to Lady Tambourine’s. Taking creative license with her mantra, “I feel the meeting in my soul” perhaps is après pro for this group of professionals navigating in the new normal of meetings.